Dryer Repair

Dryer Repair

A clothes dryer plays an integral part of our everyday life.  Therefore, when such a practical and necessary appliance fails in your home,  you should contact your Local Dryer Repair Company in Northern Virginia as soon as possible. It is important to know that only professional technicians work at First Choice Appliance Repair & HVAC Services, who will be able to find the cause of the malfunction, perform a full repair of the dryer, or let you know in detail whether replacement of a particular part is necessary.

It is important to follow all instructions to extend the life of the dryer, namely:  do not overload, observe precautions, and perform preventive measures in advance.   It is better to contact a professional and experienced Dryer Repair Services in Northern Virginia, who will perform maintenance of the dryer in compliance with all recommendations and requirements.

It is also worth paying particular attention to the qualification of the repairman, whose services you decided to use.  For example, a simple electrician may not know the basis of the dryer, all the details of their technical data, and therefore is not immune from the grotesque errors in the installation, connection, repair of household appliances.  First Choice Appliance Repair & HVAC Services’ repairmen are competent specialists for whom the repair of dryers is one of the main functional tasks.

Dryer Repair

It can also be expensive trying to keep such energy-driven appliances working when they are not functioning optimally. You may experience a rise in your energy bills when a dryer isn’t in its top condition.

You don’t have to let your dryer issue become a tremendous challenge for your household, as you can quickly fix this problem by contacting expert dryer repair company in Northern Virginia at First Choice Appliance Repair & HVAC Services for efficient and cost-effective dryer repair services.


Our expert technicians can help to fix diverse types of dryers including:

  • Electric dryers– These kinds of dryers cost a little less & are also simpler and less costly to         Exhaust necessities are very marginal, requiring only steam venting.
  • Gas dryers– These kinds of dryers operate on natural gas or propane and cost a bit more than electric dryers. They also cost less to run over the lifespan of the appliance.


So it doesn’t matter what kind of a dryer you own, whether electric or gas, stacked or standalone, our team of Northern Virginia dryer repair technicians will provide a quick analysis and viable solution. You can trust your dryer repairs and services to us at First Choice Appliance Repair & HVAC Services, and have peace of mind after the service is complete!

From basic dryer issues to major repairs, our experts can guarantee that you will get the services you require – to get your laundry room appliance back into perfect working shape.

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